Computer Virus Symptoms and its Removal

Computer Virus and Its Complete Solution: Complete Information

PC virus is a harmful block of malicious code which help third party to access other’s computer without their manual involvement. Under such circumstances user’s has to loose lots of valuable information ad their privacy or secrecy. Inside infected computer such harmful infection utilizes PC space as well as breaches security/privacy of online computer user. Not only this, malware present inside system also track user’s browsing histories, visited website software/hardware details , geographical location and serve pop-ups attached with virus which seems to user’s interest. Overall, these malicious block of code make infected computer more vulnerable and hamper system privacy within a fraction of time.


Symptoms of Spyware/Malware Infection

If your PC is infected with malware/spyware then under such case you will notice several unexpected behavior of computer. such as

  • High Network Activity – Inside infected PC, users will notice high web activities instead of not performing any activities over internet.
  • Pop-ups – It is one of the most annoying features of all unwanted program of cyber world.
  • Slowdown – Infected computer get freezes during work and run terribly slow due to utilization of high CPU resources.
  • Crashes –After some time, malicious feature of malware will going to be increased and you may also have to face the problem of complete system crash.

Reason Of Getting Malware & Spyware Infection

There are several reason of getting system infected with malware or spyware. Some of the general reason which is responsible for PC infiltration are as follows-

  • Uses of Infected External Media – Working with infected removable media like pen drive, CD, infected hard disk is one of the responsible reason for transmission of malware inside computer.
  • Use of Pirated Software – Using unlawful or pirated program of PC will also give free invitaion to spyware inside Windows.
  • Careless Acceptance of Offers – During surfing over internet some time user click over malicious link or unauthorized program and not reading terms or condition of application will bring malicious stuff with the downloading program. It is generally common in new computer user.

Windows Scanner : Provide safe environment to your computer

Even if you are new for this software and not handle any application anti spyware program previously, you can use it more comfortably.Such scanner is used to keep eye over spyware and malware of cyber world. with the continuous change in its features, this malware removal program is favored by all cyber expert. Windows scanner application execute easy to interface enabled with GUI features which make detection and removal of PC infection like adware, spyware, Trojan quite simple.remove trojans, keyloggers, worms, rootkits, hijacker, adware and other malware.

Here are the complete installation process Windows scanner which help user’s to install it in a more simpler ways.